Get the Best Value for your Order

There are a few ways to be sure to get the best value at

First, check the "Best Values Today" near the top of the home page. At times registers give us preferential pricing for certain domain registrations, and we pass on savings to you. Sometimes we offer promotions of products for a limited time to judge the market and generate interest.

Second, take advantage of "Quantity Discounts." The most popular domain extensions, like .com, .net, and .org are offered at discount prices when purchased for longer terms, such as three years or longer.

Third, purchases of six or more domains in one order qualifies you for discounted pricing. Simply use the bulk registration link or add six or more domains to your cart. The domains do not need to have the same extension, so you qualify if you purchase a .com, a .org, a .global, and three .info domains.  Many of the new extensions do not have quantity discounts but they count in the number required to earn the discount for those that do. The most popular extensions, like .com, .net, and .org have significant discounts for quantity purchases.

Fourth, if you have several domains under registration that you intend to keep, renew them in one order and qualify for the quantity discount, where offered, on the renewal price. Once again .com, .net and .org all have discount pricing for renewals of six or more and renewal of any domain counts in the number renewed.