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Domain Name Registries from A to Z

Each top level domain is created and managed by a registry. You may purchase or register a domain name at many places but each seller enters the purchaser's information at the one registry. That way every domain has one clear owner. Top level domains are named by the characters appearing after the last dot, the most used top level domain is .com

Regional Internet Registries

Regional Internet Registries allocate and register blocks of Internet number resources, such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), to Internet service providers and other organizations

There are five regional registries each responsible for a geographic region:

AFRINIC the regional internet registry for Africa.

RIPE provides services for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, services North America and parts of the Caribbean.

APNIC, Asia Pacific Network Information Center, services the Asia Pacific region.

LACNIC is the Latin America and Caribbean Internet Address Registry.



ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

IANA, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

INTERNIC, Registrar and Whois Problem Reports