You Will Never Own your Social Media Account

Social Media lets you reach lots of eyeballs for free and for that reason many people rely on it for business promotion. Whatever you build on social media will never be yours.  You have no control over who sees your content, changes in the algorithm, the whims of the social media gods and the possible loss of popularity of the platform.

The best way to keep in contact with your potential customers is email.

Register your own domain name so that your email address is professional and easy to remember. Get an email marketing account and use it to solicit customers email addresses to build a mailing list of people interested in you.  Send occasional emails (do not over do it) to keep in touch.

No matter what the future brings your email and email marketing list will let you keep in touch with your customers and your customers keep in touch with you.

I once saw a rich stock broker on TV who said the secret of his success was to never change his cel phone number.  Over years thousands of people acquired his number and could reach him, and many did years later.