Clear your Cache and Cookies

Modern E-commerce web sites, such as, rely on cookies to operate correctly.  When you put something in your basket and then return to shopping, it is a cookie that “Remembers” what is in your basket.  Cookies tell the site if you logged in and which user you are.  Unfortunately sometimes they do not work correctly and the web site is difficult to use.

If you ever had a store that claimed something was already in your basket when you tried to add that thing, you have experienced this problem.  Here’s a tip to easily fix this frustrating problem.

Clearing your web browser’s history and cookies will solve the problem, but it is difficult to do and the instructions are different for each web browser.  But every modern web browser has an Incognito or Private mode.  Just click on the menu of your web browser and look for the New Incognito Window or New InPrivate window and use that.  Connect to the site you were shopping at in that window and you will get a new set of pristine, correct cookies. The web site will work as designed.

Your welcome.